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Toshiko Akiyoshi: Jazz Trailblazer And Big Band Leader Like No Other

Ground-breaking jazz pianist, band-leader, and composer-arranger Toshiko Akiyoshi not only gave the world astonishing music, but made the art of big band jazz her very own.

Jazz Trailblazer Toshiko Akiyoshi Gets Her Due - Profile of the ground-breaking jazz artist.
Toshiko Akiyoshi - Wikipedia summary of her life and career highlights.
Toshiko Akiyoshi Performs The Village - One of the earliest recordings of Toshiko Akiyoshi's powers on the piano!
Notorious Tourist From The East - Listen to all the tracks on of beautiful 1978 classic album (35 minutes, audio only).
Happy Hoofer - An 8-minute live video clip of her leading the Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra (1984).
Strive For Jive - A full 49-minute performance from 1993.
Harvest Shuffle - 8-minute live clip of Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band playing in Germany (2000).
Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio - A full 57-minute set at Dizzy's Club in New York (2017). As you listen, keep in mind that, at this point, she's been playing jazz for 60+ years!
Toshiko Akiyoshi: On Being a Japanese Jazz Artist - Oral history interview, Berklee College of Music Oral History Project.
Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Oral History - Listen to interviews done with her as part of the Smithsonian Institutition's Jazz Oral History Program.
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