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Tour Hong Kong And Meet Its Popular Coffee+Tea+Milk Drink, Yuenyeung/Yuanyang

This dynamic city-state, with more skyscrapers than anyplace else in the world, also has stunning beauty and surprising, even natural, wonders. While you're there, stop anywhere and get a cup of its popular coffee-milk-tea drink.

Hong Kong Views - View the city in 360-degree perspective from a variety of vantage points.
One Day in Hong Kong - 5-minute virtual guided tour of the city.
Hong Kong's Most Beautiful Places - From ridge-top hiking trails to iconic bird's-eye views, there are some lovely sights to see.
Hidden Gardens and Green Spaces in Hong Kong - Yes, this skyscraper-packed city has some amazing hidden gardens, green spaces, waterfalls, and even secret islands!
Hong Kong Museum of Art - Enjoy highlights of the beautiful collections online.
19 Cool, Unusual, and Hidden Things to Do in Hong Kong - What's to see beyond the main tourist attractions? And, here's a different list of lesser-known hidden gems to explore in Hong Kong.
Yuanyang - The drink combines coffee and tea, typically three parts coffee and seven parts black milk tea.
Making Yuanyang - The goal is for the two opposite forces -- coffee and tea -- to complement each other perfectly. This includes a short video of a Hong Kong coffee shop owner making a cup.
Making Yuen Yeung - A different simple take on making the popular drink.
Yuenyeung - Background information about the drink.
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