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Tour Japan And Make Sencha Tea, Japan's Iconic Beverage

Visit The Land of the Rising Sun without leaving your chair. And while you're there, learn to brew Sencha, the most popular tea in Japan.

Visiting Japan Without Leaving Home - A variety of virtual tours show you the sights! And, if you want to see more, here's eleven more virtual tours that showcase some of additional great things to see. For those especially interested in art, you can take virtual tours of 15 Japanese art museums or experience Tokyo's amazing street art.
The 16 Most Beautiful Places in Japan You Didn't Know Existed - Explore the lesser-known beauty of Japan.
Tour 400 Years of History at Japan’s Greatest Castles - Five incredible historic Japanese castles.
A Walk Through the 800-Year History of Japanese Tea - Trace and explore the history and culture of Japanese tea.
Join the Tea Ceremony at the Ichijō Ekan Sansō - Virtually experience a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony performed by Enshu Sado School.
Sencha (煎茶) - The most popular among the several types of green tea consumed in Japan.
How to Brew Sencha - Basic instructions for brewing the tea. Or, alternatively, these instructions offer another approach to brewing the tea.
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