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Toward a Truer Human Portrait: Re-Visioning Our Global Human Family

Our true human colors are not the white, red, black, or yellow so often associated with race. Learning to see humanity's true portrait is a work in progress - we're learning to see a new global image of ourselves.

Portrait of Humanity - What does it mean to be human? What unites us and distinguishes us? This annual photography award explores such questions. View the 2020 shortlisted photographs. Or, you can also view both the shortlisted and winning 2019 photographs.
Humans Come in all Shapes, Sizes, and Colors - This photo project stated by Brazilian artist Angélica Dass highlights the truly multi-colored hues of humankind. You can also watch her TEDTalk: The Beauty of Human Skin in Every Color.
Soulful Portrait Project Captures Diverse Faces Around the World - Faces, photography that captures, without words, the universal spirit of cultures around the world.
The Everyday Projects - Photography to challenge the stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. Click the link and when the new page opens, scroll down the page to find photo galleries of everyday life across the world!
25 Interesting Portraits of Humanity - This 6-part series of photographs explores the unity in diversity of human emotions, environments, cultures, and traditions. Click on the link to enjoy Part 1, then, at the bottom of Part 1, you will find links to the other parts of this series.
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