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Visit Past Times: Free World Historical Photo Archives

These collections of photographs are both very interesting historical images and, in many cases, wonderful works of photographic art.

181 Years of Street Photography, One Photo Per Year - Take a quick video tour of 181 years of street life in many countries, with a soundtrack of period-appropriate songs.
Tsarist Russia in 1905-1915 Comes to Life in Astonishing Early Color Photographs - You truly won't believe the quality of the early color photography done by master of the art, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii.
A Photographic Tour of the Persian Gulf and Iraq, 1906 - A fascinating snapshot tour of this region, courtesy of the British Library.
Over 900,000 Photos of Historic New York City - New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery of over 1.6 million images, of which, nearly a million are photographs.
Iran at the Turn of the 20th Century - Archival photographs of Iran from late 1800s-early 1900s.
Photographs of 1880-1900 Venice - These are actually color prints made at the time from photos, but its hard to tell that just by looking at them!
Rare Color Photographs of Daily Life In Early 20th Century Paris - The everyday struggles of life, juxtaposed with a joie de vivre characteristic of Parisians
Rare Photographs of 19th Century Japan - Photos by Felice Beato in collection of the New York Public Library.
Photographs of American Indians - From the U.S. National Archives collection.
170,000 Photographs Documenting the Great Depression - Amazing collection of both relatively unknown and iconic Depression images.
Ottoman-Era Photographs of Turkey & Turkish subjects - A collection featuring both places and people.
The Digital Library of the Caribbean - Historic photographs from across the Caribbean and surrounding region.

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