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Visually Stunning, Mind-Exploding, Indigenous Animated Short Films

Traditional (and contemporary) legends, poems, and stories in the form of beautifully animated short films, from talented Indigenous artists.

Crow: The Legend - Native actor, John Legend, and Oprah Winfrey shine in this animated film. Read more about this film here.
These Gorgeous Animated Shorts Celebrate 11 of Mexico’s Indigenous Languages - Reflections on life and death, vividly recounted myths, these films give Mexico’s indigenous languages their due place among the great treasures of human civilization. See more of these beautiful films, including Spanish and English translations of the stories here.
Biidaaban (The Dawn Comes) - Who owns the trees? In this short stop-motion animated film, time will freeze and warp. We see echoes from the past, but we remain steadfast in the present...
Four Faces of the Moon - This animated story follows the journey of an Indigenous photographer as she travels through time. She witnesses moments in her family's history and strengthens her connection to her Metis, Cree and Anishnaabe ancestors. The dark results of racist colonialism are witnessed, and the triumph of the human spirit affirmed.
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