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Wait! What Did I Just See? Mind-Blowing Short Science Videos!

I already said mind-blowing, so I won't say that again, but each of these short dives into science leaves your mind gasping for breath!

Levitating Barbecue Grill? Electromagnetic Induction - There's some brief tech-history about what you're actually seeing in this 4-minute video, but hang on to the end for all the coolness (pun intended). The unfolding reality of what's occurring is both startling and wonderful to watch.
Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop - When does a hammer seem to break glass, but actually doesn't? Just the visuals in this astonishing 7-minute video will blow your mind, but put that with the slightly over-done explanation of what is actually happening, and you go...Wait! What?
Amazing Resonance Experiment - A lovely, somewhat surreal 4-minute demonstration of the beautiful patterns produced by different tonal frequencies.
Slow-Motion Bead Chain Experiment - This 6-minute video explains how a chain of beads can literally leap into the air on its own and keep going as long as the chain lasts. A little too much talk-talk about what's happening, but a very fascinating phenomenon to watch!
Hexaflexagons - This really isn't so much science, as mathematics and geometry, but it's a cool little mind/eye-twisting paperfold 'Wowzer' you can do yourself. The video goes pretty fast, but I suppose that's part of the effect she's working for...and it's 4-minutes of fun.
Journey to the Edge of Space - Experience what it’s like to leave Earth, traveling 114,000 feet into the stratosphere -- that's nearly 22 miles straight up! Never before has a 360 video been recorded at these heights, and in this 5-minute video you watch the altitude meter spinning through the thousands of feet as you leave Earth behind.

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