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Wales: Small And Spectacular. Tour Around And Enjoy Welsh Bread & Tea.

Astonishing far beyond its size in stunning beauty and charm, this small country, although part of the United Kingdom, is very much its own unique self.

Wales: Three Years in Three Minutes - Experience the incredible beauty of this small country in this 3-minute video.
10 of the Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Wales - Wales is a stunning country, home to sweeping valleys, sandy bays, castles and national parks.
12 Beautiful Welsh Villages - Stone cottages, gorgeous countryside, winding rivers, and charm enough to make you want to stay.
Wales From Your Sofa - Explore the country with this series of virtual tours. Scroll down the page to find short video tours of various regions in Wales.
Cadw’s Open Doors - Take 360-degree virtual tours of Welsh castles and other history sites provided by the Welsh national historical preservation service.
The Llangernyw Yew Tree: 4500 Years Old - This ancient tree is a Welsh treasure!
Welsh Tea - A good cup of tea always has been a traditional sign of hospitality in Wales, and Wales has its own unique blend.
Brewing Welsh Tea - Brewing Welsh Tea isn't much different from making a good cup of English tea, but here's a Welsh take on the process.
Bara Brith - This traditional Welsh tea/fruit bread features dried fruit soaked overnight in tea! Who knew?
Siencyn Te (Bread and Tea) - A traditional simple Welsh breakfast dish. Click the link to read about Bread and Water, and after the basic recipe, you'll find the Siencyn Te variation.
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