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We Are One. All Together Now.

Now more than ever, accepting the reality of the oneness of humanity is the first fundamental prerequisite for solving human crises. Earth is one native land, the home of humankind.

United, Humanity Can #StopRacism - Photographers from across the globe unite their points of view in this wonderful worldwide manifesto of photos against racism and in support of humanity everywhere.
#StayHome Photos Across the Globe - Photographers across the globe showcase of inspiring day-to-day "we're in this together" responses to the pandemic.
We’re All in this Together: United Nations COVID-19 Photo Essay - A photo exhibit of people around the world showing acts of humanity, inspiring hope for a better future.
A Color Wheel of Humanity - How arbitrary and socially-constructed are racial categories? Click through the 60 photos and see for yourself.
There Will Be Joy - This amazing 'from your living room' virtual choir truly puts some joy out there! Take a listen.
The Freedom Singers at the White House - Listen to the original SNCC Freedom Singers from the Civil Rights era bring (Ain't Gonna let Nobody) Turn me Around to President Barack and Michelle Obama and a host of others.
True Colors - Another wonderful 'from your living room' virtual choir with a message about our true colors.
Freedom Trilogy - Beautiful songs of that land of freedom where all truly are sisters and brothers.
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