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We Are Worthy In Every Aspect Of Our Essence: Homage To Humanity

Photographer Jimmy Nelson has traveled the world throughout his life. What he has learned is that communities that thrive, support, and love one another are the essence of what human beauty really is.

See the Bigger Picture - This beautiful 3-minute video has a very specific message: No matter how different we may seem from one another, we are all family, we are all ONE. I found the first minute a little too much about "my journey," but the journey Jimmy Nelson has taken is one of learning and growth as a chronicler of humanity. The result is a remarkable record of the human family.
People & Places - Explore this stunning gallery of photographs and stories on the photographer's personal website. Click on any of the photos on the map or the individual faces and the gallery of related photos opens. The photos in today's post offer a few glimpses of the gallery.

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