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Whales: Wonderful. Stunning. More Human Than You May Think.

Whales are astonishing creatures. In fact, more astonishing than we may realize. They are incredibly beautiful, but they also have cultures and societies, and scientists think they have a sense of personhood, much like you and me.

14 Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Whales - Take a look at some of these stunning marine giants.
Beautiful Whale Song - Hypnotic, mystical, hauntingly beautiful whale songs. Or, think of it as 51 minutes of getting to know your fellow Earthling.
Giants: The Complexity of the Humpback Whale - Mystical black and white photographs capture intimate portraits of these complex and conscious animals, highlighting their humanness.
19 Types of Whales - There are nearly 90 species in the order Cetacea, of which whales are a part, but which also includes dolphins and porpoises. Here are profiles of 19 whales, which differ greatly in appearance, distribution, and behavior.
Eye to Eye With a Sperm Whale - In this 2-minute video a gentle giant comes eyeball-to-eyeball with a diver. And, if that isn't close enough, try this 3-minute video, with the diver giving a whale a friendly pat.
40 Ton Humpback Whale Leaps Entirely Out of the Water - Just 3 minutes of a mammoth whale showing us puny humans what a super-athlete does for fun!
Top 10 Facts About Whales - Just how cool are whales?
Whale Songs in the South Pacific - An interesting 7-minute video exploring what scientists are learning about whale songs. You'll also hear some of the songs.
Whales Might Be as Much Like People as Apes Are - "When [whales] look in the mirror, they're saying, 'That's me'...They have a sense of self through time."
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