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Where In The World Would You Go?

Get up close and personal with lava, tour the world's highest waterfall, visit an ancient kingdom, or immerse yourself in stunning natural beauty. All from home.

15 Incredibly Beautiful Places Most People Don’t Know About - Some amazing places that you've probably never heard of!
Historic Villages of Shirakawago and Gokayama (Japan) - UNESCO World Heritage site. Located in a mountainous region that was cut off from the rest of the world for a long period of time, these villages with their Gassho-style houses subsisted on the cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms. See also: Shirakawago World Heritage Village.
Zhangjiajie National Park (Avatar Mountains), China - A virtual tour of the mountains in Zhangjiajie Park that many people think inspired the movie, Avatar.
The Kingdom of Bhutan - Surrounded by the Himalayas, Bhutan is a fascinating country, although largely unknown to most people. Enjoy this virtual introduction to a remote and unique kingdom.
Descend into an Active Volcano - Go with a team of climbers as they descend into an active volcano to get within 'spitting distance' of a boiling lake of lava. Or, if you'd rather stay away from the lava, how about doing some "volcano boarding" in Nicaragua?
Angel Falls, Venezuela - Explore the highest waterfall in the world in all its stunning beauty from top to bottom.
Wilderness of Patagonia, Argentina and Chile - Enjoy a virtual tour of this beautiful region. You may also like this other tour, which takes a different route through the area.

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