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Which Way Is Up? The Answer Will Blow Your Mind.

Up and down are directions, right? Well, not exactly...

Our Solar System Moving Through Space - This 3-minute video simulates the motion of our Sun and its Planets moving through space. Watch the dynamic, spiraling vortex movement, and "up" and "down" become relative very quickly.
Which Way Is Down? - This 26-minute video provides a deep-dive into the mind-boggling world of what "up" and "down" really mean. Prepare to have your mind rearranged.
Which Way is Up in Space? - Down is always the same direction, but what exactly does that mean, really?
Gardening Without Up and Down - How would a plant grow without up and down? In space, where up and down do not exist in any absolute sense, the roots of plants can grow in all directions.
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