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Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Winners

Here's the breathtaking images from the London Natural History Museum's 2020 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.

The photos in today's post offer only a hint of the wonderful images captured by photographers across the planet. You can view the entire portfolio of winners here.

The Embrace - In the lead photo above, we get a rare, and poignant, glimpse of the magnificent Siberian Tiger tiger in the wild.
A Fox for All Seasons - An American red fox, with the depth of his winter coat and fine tail fully revealed by a gust of wind.
The Pose - This Proboscis Monkey seems to be having a few moments of reflective mediation.
Hare Ball - A mountain hare in the Scottish Highlands makes a perfect sphere.
Drey Dreaming - Two Eurasian red squirrels (only one is clearly visible) warm and cozy in their nest.
Etna's River of Fire - A gigantic river of flowing lava dramatically reforms the environment.
The Moment - A Himalayan marmot, surprised by a Tibetan fox.
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