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Windows: What Other People See In Their World.

Exploring the world though the views that other people see.

What Do Other People Around The World See Outside Their Windows? - The WindowSwap website lets you take a look out of other people's windows around the world. Thanks to a Daily Cuppa Go friend for this tip!
Stunning Views From Windows Around the World - People from around the world share photos from their windows, along with their stories, their hopes, and their well wishes to strangers.
Incredible Views From An Airplane Window - A series called Plane Views features amazing photos taken from airplane windows.
19 of the World’s Most Breathtaking Stained-Glass Windows - Some windows invite you to look beyond the view.
A Photographer Captures the Bizarre and Idiosyncratic Collections Displayed in Belgian Windows - Windows also sometimes suggest the colorful quirkiness of the people within.
A House Made Of Windows - A west-facing facade on this house is made entirely of window pieces, stitched together; capturing every inch of the view, without the confines of a single window.

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