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Women's History Month Just Isn't Enough

The bird of humanity needs two equally-strong wings to fly. Celebrate women's presence in, and contributions to, history.

The Ascent of Woman - A ground-breaking four-part documentary series on the history of women. Each segment of the series is available individually on the author/producer's website.
The First Women of Philosophy - Before philosophy became associated with men, it was the domain of women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
Women in African History - UNESCO exhibit showcasing the contributions of African women to the world.
Amazing Women in Japanese History Everyone Should Know - Sword-swinging exploits, the world's first novelist, first historically-recorded Japanese person ever, and more!
12 Women in Chinese History Everyone Should Know - Despite every obstacle from 5,000 years of patriarchy, these twelve women were able to become rulers, warriors, pirates, scientists, spies, and more!
10 Native Women You Should Have Learned About in History Class - American Indian women who should be in the textbooks, but aren't.
14 Indigenous Women to Celebrate on Indigenous People's Day - A tribute to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women often forgotten or ignored in Canadian history.
Women in Music Timeline - If you think men wrote all the major notes in European musical history, this timeline will open your eyes.
#Wiki4Women - UNESCO and Wikipedia have partnered to create a global collaborative effort to increase the number of Wikipedia portraits of women. You can participate!
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