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World Tour 1896-1920: Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Malaysia, Germany, Russia, India, Britain, USA!

The closest thing to time travel you'll ever experience! Visit the world of a century, and more, ago through some of the earliest motion pictures of places around the world.

Various Countries (1895-1902) - This 23-minute video includes very good quality film shot in a variety of countries across the globe. Check description of the film on its YouTube page to see the full list of locations. To skip the introductory talk about how the film was made, click here to simply view the historic film footage. without the introduction.

Short film clips covering a wide range of countries and activities...

The Flying Train, Germany (1902)
Mexico City (1920)
Views of Tokyo, Japan (1913-1915)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1910's)
All-Black Towns in Oklahoma, United States (1920s)
Laborers in England (1901)
Suffragettes March, Votes for Women, England (1910s)
Ladies Cycling Display, London (1899)
Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia (1896)
Buenos Aries, Argentina (early 1900s)
A Street in India (1906)
A Trip Through New York City (1911)
San Francisco, Market Street, United States (1906)

Bonus! It isn't really part of our whirlwind world tour, but this legendary survival adventure from the period is truly epic.

South: Sir Ernest Shackleton's Ill-Fated Antarctic Expedition (1919) - This is the only "long" film in today's post. The 80-minute video follows the disastrous 1914-1916 expedition in real-time, as filmed by an expedition member.
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