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You Are There: View Planetary Changes From Space

View decades of planetary change. Get a satellite's detailed view of planetary changes over decades. See ice cover melting, animals migrating, volcanoes fuming, hurricanes flooding, dams being built, wildfires sweeping across landscapes and more.

This Animated Globe Showing Animal Migration Routes is Mesmerizing - Visual imagery of animal migrations tracked by satellite.
Watch 25 Changes That Have Occurred Since 1990 on Planet Earth - 5-minute video collection of timelapse changes since 1990
Timelapse Video of Global Deforestation - This 2-minute video brings news stories about deforestation of the Amazon region and elsewhere into sobering focus.
Timelapse Video of the Shrinking Arctic Ice Cover - Watch the Arctic ice shrink between 1984-2019. Older ice (lasting from year to year) is shown in white, younger ice (coming and going each year) is shown in blue. Both types of ice are shrinking in area.
Google Earth Timelapse - See planetary changes occur over the past 35 years. And, yes, you literally can look at changes as specific as the changes in your own neighborhood and street if you want. Here's links to the Google Timelapse homepage and also to a tutorial to help you learn to use the full timelapse features.
NASA Worldview: Explore 20 Years of Satellite Images of Earth - Instruments aboard NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites have recorded two decades of planetary change. Now, for the first time, all that imagery — from the first operational image to imagery acquired today – is available for you to access. And there’s a lot to see. NASA Worldview has a lot of things to explore. If you want to look into specific places, topics, and time periods, here's a link to the short video tutorial to get you started.
Bird Migration Patterns in the Americas - Visual imagery of bird migrations tracked by satellite.
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