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Youth Ablaze: John Lewis

There are so many ways to remember John Lewis' contributions to humanity. Here's a few that highlight the power of youth.

In 2016, John Lewis won the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, along with co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell, for his graphic novel March: Book Three, the third volume in his trilogy about his experiences during the Civil Rights Movement. His brief acceptance speech is one for the ages.
The graphic novel series, March, is essentially the life story of John Lewis. All three books are wonderful and excellent for all ages, but Mr. Lewis wrote them especially for upper middle-schoolers and teens. This video trailer for March: Book 1, gives a taste of John Lewis' storytelling about his childhood and youth.
The Nashville Sit-Ins | John Lewis - John Lewis was 19 years old when he became a leader of the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins.
The Nashville Sit-Ins | Diane Nash - Diane Nash was 21 years old when she became a leader of the Nashville lunch counter sit-ins.
Congressman John Lewis Recalls The Freedom Rides - In this video clip from a 2016 interview, John Lewis recalls his experience, at age 21, preparing for the first Freedom Ride in 1961. Already a veteran of sit-ins to desegregate lunch counters in Nashville, he was the first Freedom Rider to be attacked.
"I loved him like a brother": Freedom Rider remembers times with John Lewis - Jim Zwerg, one of the white Freedom Riders, shares what it was like sharing a seat with John Lewis.
Freedom Riders: The Young Witness - Janie Forsyth, a 12-year-old white girl, brought water to the Freedom Riders when their bus was attacked and burned in front of her house outside Anniston, Alabama.
Freedom Ride veterans Congressman John Lewis, Diane Nash, Jim Zwerg, and Reverend James Lawson share how they became involved in the Freedom Rides, how their lives were affected by the experience, and how they illustrate the power of young people.
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