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The Last Time the Climate Changed

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THE LAST TIME THE CLIMATE CHANGED is an action-inspiring look at the last time the globe warmed as it is warming now. Looking back to such a time—when there were crocodiles and palm trees in the Arctic—provides a uniquely evocative perspective on the urgency of climate change and offers a basis for hope.


THE LAST TIME THE CLIMATE CHANGED is based on hard science. The writing is geared to engage the interest and stimulate the active minds of middle graders, as well as adults.

The closest historical climate change parallel to our own situation occurred about 56 million years ago. Journeying back to that time, the book explores Earth as it was then, and highlights the ways in which that period of extreme warming is both eerily like, and different from, our own time. Springboarding from that comparison, suggestions for taking positive action on climate change are offered.


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