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The Wood Cow Chronicles

Mind-bending, genre-busting adventure. Fantastic and quirky, exhilarating and addicting. Takes readers on a wild ride they will never want to end. Ridiculous, but deadly serious. Hits you hard in the funnies, while turning your mind inside out.

A heroine who never intended to lead a revolution...

A band of offbeat rebels determined to turn age-old tyranny on its head…

The High One at Maev Astuté and his ancient slaving system. Overpowering. Impenetrable. Final…

Normally, this would be a battle to the last beast standing, but not this time. This is a story of eccentric, unexpected rebels who surprise by being wholly different from anything their enemies expect. In this epic saga, victory will go not to the strongest power, but to the first to think differently.

If the High One’s brutal system is to be destroyed, the rebels will need to penetrate impregnable illusions, out-plot the world’s greatest plotters, survive vicious attacks, and confront their own deepest fears. But in the end, the greatest danger to their success will be the alluring power of illusion and unthinking belief to control.

Kings and dragons, warriors and scholars, would-be prophets and rebels, all discover that the question—What is real, and what is not?—is the ultimate question.

The Wood Cow Chronicles fantasy series includes Helga: Out of Hedgelands (Book One), The Overending (Book Two), Silversion (Book Three), Willowers (Book Four), and Hammers of Time (Prequel). Dragons: The Untold Story, a collection of additional stories about the dragons of the Wood Cow Chronicles, is included in the Special Edition of Helga: Out of Hedgelands.

Whale Storm, now in the editing process, is the first of a new group of free-standing novels.

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