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Whale Storm
Last Dog Chronicles: Book 1

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The sea-folk were dying. Then whales became pirates. A fable for our times.

For untold ages, the sea has seemed to limit the world. Anything beyond long forgotten. But when the Forgotten Ways begin to reopen and ships again traverse the oceans, a chain of events is unleashed that turns the world on its head. Strongly resisting this change is the Sistren Qualle. These unconventional whale pirates battle pollution-spreading commercial power, and the brutal tycoon, Ravener Gripple, for control of the seas. As the Sistren Qualle turns the tables on Gripple and his allies, a mysterious explosion and kidnapping deepen the crisis.

In a climactic race against time, a surprising twelve-year-old thwarts a death sentence and finishes off Gripple’s dream of empire.


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